PMI Dragon Jack Up Barge

Modular Self Elevating Platform
Jack Up Barge Type RCP‐250
Spud leg length 36 meter

PMIL1 Jack Up Barge

12m Water Depth
67m2 deck Nearshore Site Investigation
23m spud lengths

PMI Tiger

140 tm crane
50 tons winch
1200 hp

PMI Solstice

Survey vessel
JUB push barge
Diving platform Crew changes
Support vessel
MetOcean deployment

PMI Atlanta

Survey Vessel
Diving platform
Support vessel Crew changes
MetOcean deployment

Drilling Rig

FRASTE Multidrill ML300
Hydraulic drillrig
Rotary coring
Down the Hole

CPT Rig – Trailer Mounted

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) with a 200kN Stand Alone Penetrometer

CPT Rig – Truck Mounted

Geomil 200kN
Hydraulic CPT Rig
Cone Penetration Testing
Push‐in piezometers
Seismic tests

CPT Rig – Stand Alone Unit

200kN Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) – Stand-Alone Unit