BIMCO Time Charter Party for offshore service vessels


Angola LNG Limited


July 2015 to Current Date


Soyo, Angola

BIMCO Time Charter Party for offshore service vessels PMI Ltd has engaged in an initial four month contract with Dredging International to supply a service vessel (M/S Atlanta) for work carried out for Angola LNG. Angola LNG are currently maintaining access channel and turning basins at the LNG port facility in Soyo, Angola. Dredging International have formed a joint venture with Boskalis to undertake the associated maintenance dredging works.

Scope of Works
The Atlanta will primarily assist Dredging International / Boskalis JV with the following list activities:

  • Crew changes on offshore dredging works;
  • Transport/transfer of fuel / spares / consumables;
  • Pushing and towing of pipelines / barges / vessels / etc;
  • Anchor handling;
  • Stay in a stable position for different purposes;
  • Installation and positioning of buoys;
  • Installation of floating lines of different diameters;
  • Assist in diving operations;
  • Assist the connection of a dredger to a floating line;
  • Assist the positioning of a vessel;
  • Execute Survey works;
  • Take vibrocore samples

The project at Soyo, Angola involves dredging works for the oil and gas industry, a renowned hazardous environment.

Health & Safety
PMI comply and adhere to all applicable international, national and local regulations pertaining to health, safety and the environment. The Atlanta has over five years of individual safe history. Furthermore, the Atlanta is well equipped with personnel protection, life saving and fire safety equipment.
Furthermore, Angola LNG set a strict offshore SHE working standard for the entire project. The Atlanta is, therefore, accustomed and ideally suited for work in the oil and gas field.

Principal Dimensions of the Atlanta are listed below:
LOA = 11.0m
Beam = 4.87m
Draft = 0.8m

The Atlanta is an ideal utility vessel suitable for survey work and general assistance for larger marine contracts. The current project in Soyo is testament to the Atlanta’s ability to assist in the oil and gas field and serve as a utility vessel for market leaders in the dredging and oil and gas industry.