KLERP 4 – Redevelopment of Adjen Kotoku


Government of Ghana / CPP


July 2008 to July 2011


Adjen Kotoku, Ghana

Scope of Works
The Government of Ghana, MOWRWH has appointed PMI in cooperation with IMDC for the feasibility study, design, supervision and management of the bulk infrastructure project at Adjen Kotoku in Ghana. This project is creating bulk infrastructure within a strategic location at Adjen Kotoku on the outskirts of the capital, Accra.

Feasibility Study
PMI was responsible for the feasibility study which included the following:

  • Geophysical and Groundwater Analysis;
  • Traffic Impact Assessment;
  • Site Surveys;
  • Storm water and Flood line Investigations;
  • Project Management and Supervision of the design and Construction

The design was based on the feasibility study and consisted of:

  • Road networks;
  • Sewer system and waste water treatment works;
  • Water reticulation including boreholes and elevated storage tanks;
  • A bulk electricity network;
  • Structural steel and concrete designs
  • Social infrastructure buildings

Supervision and Project Management
PMI’s aim is to commit to a smart engineering approach where in joint collaboration with the Client and Contractor an easy to construct and cost effective product is provided.

As engineers on site, PMI is responsible for the site supervision, quality control and management of the project.

The PMI management team ensures that the project is being completed within the required budget and time frame. The works are on schedule with completion by June 2011.