Lion TSF – CPT & Seismic


Intasol Tailings


February 2020


Steelpoort, South Africa

Lion Tailings Storage Facility, Cone Penetration Testing

Intasol Tailings requested PMI Construction Services (PMI) to execute a number of CPTu and SCPTu probing at Glencore Lions Tailings Storage Facility near Steelpoort in South Africa.

The Scope of Work included

  • 12 No CPT tests
  • 5 No Seismic tests
  • Average meters depth probed: 25m
  • Dissipation Testing as per specifications
  • Reporting

PMI Resources on Site

  • PMI 200kN trailer mounted hydraulic CPT rig


The works were executed in accordance with the stipulations of the relevant British Standards, Clause 3.1 of BS 1377:1990: Part 9.

The contract was executed within budget and on time.