PMI personnel are project management specialists who know how to manage all aspects of a complex project, from conceptual engineering through procurement and construction to completion and commissioning.

Professional Project Management is an integral component to the success of a project. PMI prides itself in its project management ability and employs an array of highly skilled project management specialists from a broad range of engineering disciplines. PMI acts as the single point of contact for the Client when dealing with other parties involved in the project, throughout the complete life cycle of the project.

PMI scope of project management services include:

  • Project Interface and Coordination with various parties
  • Identification, Sourcing and Management of resources
  • Site Supervision and Project implementation
  • Programming and Planning
  • Procurement Management
  • Construction Management
  • Project Close Out and Commissioning

Many projects lend themselves to packaging under the control of an on-site construction Project Management team. PMI’s hands-on approach allows for seamless execution and control over the construction period. PMI also strives to maintain efficient collaboration between various stakeholders, consultants and contractors involved in the project where ultimately a unified end goal is achieved. PMI also regards off-site project management as equally important as on-site construction and holistically monitors the complete network of activities producing goods and services for the project.