Marine Jetty Repair & Upgrade Works


Kenmare Resources PLC


March to October 2011


Moma, Mozambique

Marine Jetty Repair and Upgrade Works

The export jetty at Kenmare’s mineral sands mine suffered extensive damage to its loading berth in 2010.

Kenmare signed an EPC contract with Group Five to refurbish the damaged facility and construct a new berth on the southern side. PMI was appointed by Kenmare for the management and supervision of the project and to ensure the works were carried out according to the contract.

The Works:

Refurbishment and upgrade works included:

  • Removal of the entire damaged facility and replace it with a new full northern berth.
  • Construction of a new full southern berth.
  • Installation of bracing members between the north and southern berth to form a dual berth structure.

After signing the contract in mid-September 2010 the team commenced with the design and planning.

The new facility consisted of Ø1,2m steel piles driven to -21m Chart Datum with connecting headstocks and bracing members.

Onsite preparation work started in February 2011 and Construction works commenced in the beginning of March after the arrival of the barge and piling equipment.

Management and Supervision:

PMI’s main responsibilities included:

  • Management and supervision of the works on site
  • Coordination between the mining export operations and construction activities
  • Provide quality and safety control
  • Advise the Client on contractual and financial matters
  • Act as mediator to resolve disputes and claims

One of the main challenges of the execution plan was to ensure Kenmare could continue its loading activities throughout the construction of the facilities with minimum downtime.

With the assistance of PMI, the execution plan was developed and carried out in cooperation with the Client and the Contractor.


Works on both berths was finalised and handed over to Kenmare at the beginning of October 2011 and the mine has successfully loaded products on both sides of the jetty since then.

With the completion of the project Kenmare is now in the position to increase their throughput.

This project is unique to the Southern African civil marine construction industry as it is the first project of this magnitude to be done entirely off floating platforms in open sea conditions.