Matola Marine Terminal SI & Feed Engineering


Puma Energy Mozambique


November 2015 to March 2016


Matola, Mozambique

Marine BH and CPT Geotechnical Investigations; Geophysical, and Bathymetric Surveys & FEED

PMI were appointed by Puma Energy to undertake marine site investigations and to prepare the FEED Engineering for a new white fuel products terminal at Matola, Mozambique.


Scope of Works

Offshore Geotechnical Investigations:
PMI performed 10 no. Jack Up Barge CPT tests, and 10 no. JUB geotechnical boreholes ranging from 10m to 50m seabed depth. The PMI team included a Barge Master, Vessel Captain, Geotechnical Engineers, CPT and drilling teams, and logistical support.

Logging and Laboratory Testing:
Geotechnical logging in .ags format, Sample processing and transport, laboratory test scheduling, and oversight of laboratory testing processes were undertaken by PMI as part of the service.

Offshore Bathymetric and Geophysical Surveys:
Bathymetric surveys, sub-bottom profiling, magnetometer surveys, and side scan sonar surveys of the 110Ha offshore site area were undertaken with one of PMI’s custom fitted survey vessels. A PMI Marine Geophysicist, and Marine Surveyor supervised works.

FEED Engineering:
Puma Energy required the preliminary design of a fit for purpose marine terminal: to accommodate 120,000 DWT vessels; with a top structure fitted with loading arms and designed to handle 16” gasoline, gas oil, and bitumen lines, and a 12” jet fuel line.


Works Execution

The marine surveys were undertaken in November 2015.
BH and CPT work commenced in December 2015, and was concluded in February 2016.
FEED engineering, with procurement documentation, was concluded in May 2016. Preliminary designs were produced for a piled marine terminal consisting of loading platform, berthing and mooring dolphins, walkways and piperacks, including ancillary elements.



The project was completed in a short timeframe, within budget, and to the satisfaction of the Client, Puma Energy.