Santo Domingo CBM Mooring Facility


Coastal Petroleum Dominica SA


June – October 2008


Dominican Republic


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Coastal Petroleum operates the Santo Domingo CBM Facility in Dominican Republic. The facility was originally constructed in 1998, is able to accommodate a maximum vessel size of 30 000 DWT. The facility imports LPG through an 8 inch pipeline and Jet Fuel and Diesel through a 12inch pipeline. The system suffered from a severe lack of maintenance and one of the anchor legs was lost in a storm. PMI was appointed to re-instate the system to its original design condition.

Scope of Works
The following steps were carried out by PMI in the development of the terminal:

  • PMI carried out the following activities for this project;
  • Inspection works;

PMI conducted a thorough inspection of the complete facility in its then current state, to ascertain the existing status so that appropriate remedial and upgrade measures could be identified.
This included full inspections of the following components:

  • Each of the remaining 5 anchor legs;
  • The 5 remaining insitu mooring buoys;
  • The Pipe Line End Manifold
  • The subsea marine hoses

The results of the inspection were used in determining the design required for re-instatement

Design Works
PMI provided all necessary design services to complete the works. More specifically the following services were carried out:

  • Analysis of the design of the installed CBM system;
  • Design services to determine optimal solution for re-instatement works;
  • Specifications for replacement parts required for re-instatement works
  • Re-instatement engineering
  • Update of the existing O&M manual including:
    • Review environmental conditions
    • Include approach vessel motions
    • Mooring analysis
    • Operational limits auxiliary craft & standby tug
    • As built documentation for the re-instatement works

Supervision Works

PMI also provided construction management services for the re-instatement of the CBM facility
More specifically the following services were provided:

  • Project management to ensure that project elements were effectively coordinated;
  • Project scope management to ensure all the work required is included;
  • Project time management to provide an effective project schedule
  • Project cost management to identify needed resources and maintain budget control
  • Project quality management to ensure functional requirements are met
  • Project human resource management to effectively employ project personnel
  • Project risk management to analyse and mitigate potential risks