Two Rivers TSF – SCPT


HVTS Geotechnical Services


March 2020


Steelpoort, South Africa

Two Rivers Tailings Storage Facility, Cone Penetration Testing

HVTS Geotechnical Services (HVTS) contracted PMI Construction Services SA (PMI) for the execution of the cone penetrometer testing at Two Rivers Tailings Storage Facility near Steelpoort, Limpopo for 3 consecutive years, starting in 2019 and ending in 2021.

The Scope of Work included

  • 4 No SCPT tests
  • Maximum meters depth probed: 40m
  • Dissipation Testing
  • Reporting

PMI Resources on Site

  • PMI 200kN trailer mounted hydraulic CPT rig


The works were executed in accordance with the stipulations of the relevant British Standards, Clause 3.1 of BS 1377:1990: Part 9.

The contract was executed within budget and on time.