Yanfolila Mali Gold Mine Geotechnical Site Investigation


Glencar Mali SARL


February to May 2013


Yanfolila, Mali

Yanfolila Gold Mine CPT’s Boreholes, Laboratory Testing and Geotechnical Engineering
Glencar Mali SARL appointed PMI in February 2013 to undertake a Geotechnical Site Investigation at the proposed Yanfolila Gold Mine in Southern Mali. The purpose of the investigation was to provide engineering data to inform the design of the tailings facility, process plant, airfields and haul roads at the new mine.

GSI Scope

  • 40 CPTu tests to 20m or refusal;
  • 48 shallow boreholes to 5m depth;
  • 19 boreholes to 30m depth;
  • Insitu permeability tests;
  • Laboratory testing- soil classification and advanced testing;
  • Desk Study of local and regional geology;
  • Geotechnical Engineering to derive foundation strength parameters;
  • Site factual, laboratory, and interpretive reporting;

GSI Methodology

  • CPTu testing was executed with the PMI truck-mounted 200kN rig;
  • Shallow boreholes were undertaken by a Dando geotechnical rig and by a water-well subcontractor;
  • A PMI Fraste ML hydraulic rig undertook the deep boreholes;
  • PMI coordinated the logistics, and provided technical oversight, for laboratory testing executed in Ireland;
  • The PMI specialist Geotechnical Engineer undertook the geological desk study and foundation design aspects;

Project Outcome

  • The project was executed between February and May 2013. Laboratory testing and final reporting was concluded in July 2013;
  • The Client expressed satisfaction with the site work, lab testing, interpretation and reporting.